Berberine and Metabolism

Feb 10, 2023
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Berberine is a hidden gem when it comes to stimulating and monitoring insulin levels in the body. Read further, to discover how and how you can implement it in your daily health routine.

Did you know that berberine can act as a sort of defibrillator for insulin receptors?

It is a natural chemical found in certain plants (like turmeric, barberry, goldenseal
Oregon grape, and more) that stimulates glucose. 

This stimulation then incites the secretion of insulin; over time resulting in:
-Reduced insulin resistance
-Improved liver functionality
-Improved metabolic functionality
-Improved liver health, muscle tissues, and fat-to-insulin conversion.

Berberine can be consumed as a supplement in capsule form, priced around
$30-35 USD. 

Be sure to consult your primary care physician before adding berberine or any
supplement to your healthcare regime, and feel free to contact my team and I 
for a consultation to find the right naturopathic care for you.

Be well!