Five Reasons to Read the Labels on Your Groceries

Sep 07, 2022
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Reading the labels on your groceries is more important than you may think.

  There are several reasons one should pay close attention to the labels on the food they purchase, especially if purchasing foods that can contain high preservatives, or when purchasing non-perishables. Being aware of what you’re buying not only keeps you balanced nutritionally but keeps you in the know in regards to which products best serve your needs; which can also help you to adjust your budget when shopping for certain food items. 

  Here are five reasons we suggest reading your labels before you bring your groceries home.


  1.  So you are aware of serving sizes.


    2. So that you know exactly what you are putting into your body/system. 


    3. So you can be more cognizant of total carbohydrates; which turn into sugar in the body. High blood sugar can lead to a multitude of issues; including diabetes and hormonal imbalances.


   4. So that you are aware of any allergens that may cause issues for you or for anyone in your family or inner circle who may be consuming the products.


   5. So that you are aware of the nutritional value of the product(s), and can better asses the macronutrients and how they fit into your daily consumption goals.

  Always consult your primary care physician if you are unsure of your tolerances or intolerances to any foods, products, preservatives, etc., and to be sure that your macronutrients and daily consumption are right for your body type and lifestyle. If you have any questions or would like to dive deeper into this topic from a naturopathic standpoint; please feel free to contact me and my team for a consultation! 

Be well,


Dr. Erika Horowitz and Team