Five Ways to Start the New Year Well

Dec 30, 2022
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Are you ready for 2023? Here are five ways to ensure that you thrive in 2023.

2022 is coming to a close, meaning we still have time to enter into the new year feeling happy, healthy, and secure in our goals to be our best selves in 2023. 


Here are five ways to ensure that you begin the new year well:


  1. Make a plan of daily/weekly non-negotiable movement and nutrition. Take a good look at your week ahead and physically write out blocks of time that you know you can get in at least 30 minutes of significant movement, and which meals will accompany which days. Being able to see it laid out in front of you will take the guesswork out of your weekly plan, and can be a powerful motivating tool to accomplish your goals.


  1. Treat yourself to a marked water bottle to help increase your water intake. Water bottles with markings can help you visualize how much water you’re intaking on a daily basis. You can periodically look at how far you’ve come throughout the day, and before you know it; you will both see and feel the benefits of being well-hydrated; such as clear skin, more alertness, the regularity with your bowel movements, and more. 


  1. Commit to getting eight hours of sleep and to taking breaks during your work day. Sleep is paramount to total health. Make and keep a promise to yourself to be “lights out” at a certain time every single evening and to  “rise and shine” at the same time every day as well. Your mind and body will thank you! 


  1. Buy yourself a journal, and commit to one entry per day. A subtle aspect of total health is your mental health. We can tend to begin each day and end each day with a mind that is racing through what we need to do, what we’ve done, what we could be doing, and so on. Get some of those concerns and musings out onto the page at the beginning of each day. Clear some of the space in your mind to make way for healthier thoughts; which breed healthier actions.

  1. Plan ahead and make appointments with your primary physical care physician, your naturopath, and your therapist. This can be a little difficult, as you’re generally at the mercy of your practitioner’s scheduling; but it doesn’t hurt to take an honest look at your schedule, determine which gaps of time you may have to see your doctor(s), and call to schedule said appointments while its’ fresh on your mind.


You've got this, and my team and I have got you!


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Be well!

Dr. Horowitz and Team