From Bedridden, Constipated & Peeing on Myself to Becoming a Vibrant, THRIVING, Health Coach!

Jun 09, 2022
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Hello everyone! My name is Jeannie Nahashon and I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Jeannie Nahashon

Hello everyone! My name is Jeannie Nahashon and I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Having just finished my studies at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition out of New York City, I have learned so much about health through my personal journey, which is what brought me to specializing in inflammation, anti-inflammatory foods, eating habits and creating an anti-inflammatory lifestyle since I too struggle with inflammation.

totally understand all too well the struggle of going from perfectly healthy “I can eat whatever I want” to “I’m sick with I don’t know what and no doctor can tell me what’s wrong” all in the span of one week. So I felt it only necessary to share my story on how I went from totally healthy to being constipated and bedridden for months, in pain and peeing on myself to getting healthy again and becoming a THRIVING Health Coach years later.

The year was 2011 and it was one week before graduation day from college and I noticed I hadn’t pooped for a whole week. Yes, a WEEK! I had been regular my whole life but all the sudden, almost over night, I hadn’t pooped. This persisted for weeks and weeks, through graduation and through my post-graduate travels to celebrate. When I finally touched back down in the U.S, that’s when my body totally gave up. Not only had I not had a full movement in almost 2 months, I was now really sick, in worlds of pain, had urinary incontinence and was bedridden. I was a wreck!

I went from doctor to doctor who ran test after test on me, only to hear “Your blood looks great” and “everything looks fine”. Until one doctor gave me a general diagnosis of IBS with a recommendation for stool softeners. They gave a name to my symptoms but they didn’t identify the cause. So, I took matters into my own hands and called a doctor that I had worked with before who had an approach that I loved — Dr. Erika Horowtiz.

Dr. Horowitz’s motto is to test before you treat which has become my motto as well. What she found was alarming! She found that I had a yeast overgrowth in my gut that was inflaming and shutting my system down. I was immediately put on a protocol of an anti-inflammatory/candida diet and prescribed supplements. This experience laid the groundwork for using my kitchen like a medicine cabinet. I learned that some foods heal while others may provide a challenge to your system. When I focused on the foods that healed and followed her supplement protocol as well, I noticed a remarkable change – a life-changing change. I was able to restore balance in my system! Within a few weeks my body was almost healthier than it was before this whole ordeal.

What I learned through this experience later manifested itself into who I am today — a thriving Health Coach who teaches others how to use their kitchen as their medicine cabinet while understanding why focusing on anti-inflammatory foods is so important for our wellbeing.

Inflammation manifests itself in so many different ways — from weight gain, the inability to lose the weight we’ve gained, to mood swings, acne, stomach bloating, digestive distress, constipation, diarrhea and the list goes on. As a Health Coach, I help people identify what is in their diet that is no longer serving them, and work with them to fill their diet with more color, whole foods, foods that give us the energy and the vibrancy we want and need in life. By refocusing our attention on foods that serve us, the foods that don’t serve us/inflame us fall away. And when this happens the weight, mood-swings, acne, stomach bloating and digestive distress diminish.

I also bring awareness to the aspects of people’s lives that nourish them off the plate, like career, physical activity, important relationships in one’s life etc. and help bring those more into balance. I take a whole person, holistic approach to health with my clients.

When I’m working with clients one-on-one, a very critical part of my practice is allowing my clients to lead the sessions, something that is rare to find when working with anyone in the health field. I firmly believe our bodies and minds have much of the knowledge we need to live a healthy, balanced life, we just need support. As one of my teachers would say “When given half the chance, our body can heal itself by itself”. I live by this belief. Our body inherently has all the answers when given the right support and environment.

I hope this gives you hope that good health is close-by. You have a support network rooting for you every step of the way.

If you are interested in working with me as a Health Coach, feel free to send me an email at jeannie@afyahealthcoaching.com. You can also visit my website at www.afyahealthcoaching.com and you can read more about me and my method to see if I’m a good fit. If you want more health related content, follow me on Instagram @Jeannienahashon.

Lastly, I give free one-hour Health History consultations. These free sessions are a great way for you to meet with someone who cares about health, cares about your health and looks to support you on your journey. If you are interested, shoot me an email or comment below and we can set up a date and time.

Be well!

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