Happy Holidays..Enjoy the Colder Weather!

Dec 23, 2022
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The colder weather we tend to experience this time of year has many natural medicinal benefits to the human body. Let's explore them, together!

‘Tis the season for time with family, for memory-making and for gift-giving.


One of the many gifts nature provides to us annually is the colder weather!

Colder weather has many natural benefits to the human body, but there are three stand-out benefits that you can take advantage of today:


  1. Reduced inflammation.

Consider colder weather nature's ice pack on sore muscles and joints. It

works similarly, and encourages being outdoors!


  1. Less activity from infectious insects. 

Disease spreading bugs like ticks, mosquitos, etc. are in short supply

during Winter months; decreasing your chances of getting bitten and 

carrying unwanted ailments.


  1. Less allergies.

Those who suffer from allergies can breathe a sigh of relief during Winter

months; as plants do not produce pollen during that time. 


How does the cold weather make you feel?


Do you notice a change in your body, activity levels, or general health between November and March?


Take note of these signs as a sort of a map you can use to plan out healthy, fun Winter activities, self-care and healthcare routines. 


My team and I wish you all the happiest of holidays, and a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate!

We hope you enjoy quality time with loved ones, and that you make sure you have yourself on the top of that list. 

Be well!


Dr. Horowitz and Team