Introducing our 6-Week Reset Program

Jun 09, 2022
Introducing our 6-Week Reset Program

Introducing our 6-Week Reset Program

Have you been counting your calories, using portion control, exercising daily, and not seeing any results on the scale? 

Have you been doing everything “right” and still not noticing results? 

We’ve all been there, so what’s really going on?

Let’s talk about DIET CULTURE

The dieting culture created a caloric deficit equation that doesn’t work for most people. 

Fewer calories in + more calories out = weight loss. 

Studies have shown that a stressful job or personal life + restricted eating + a stressful workout like HIIT, running, biking can actually cause weight gain.

It seems counterintuitive to say this, but scientifically speaking, less IS more, but why is that?

It is said if you are in a caloric deficit, you will lose weight. A calorically dense diet doesn’t necessarily equate to weight gain; in fact, some of the most calorically dense foods such as healthy fats do the opposite. What we have found over time is that not all calories are created equally, and not all calories are processed the same and can actually create weight loss.

The caloric deficit equation is fallible for many reasons, it’s not just about calories themselves, it also completely ignores hormones, environmental stressors, the nervous system, rest, and sleep, just to name a few. 

This lapse in judgment from the diet industry has created a toxic relationship with food, the way we look at physical activity, sleep, and weight loss. 

Our 6 Week Reset takes all factors ignored by the diet industry and has included them to make a well-rounded whole person holistic approach. We address: 

  • Diet 
  • Rest/Stress Management 
  • Sleep
  • Physical Activity

This is achieved through nutrient-dense foods that have less of an impact on your blood sugar, prioritizing rest, breath-work, nervous system resetting sleep, and much more. 

Our 6 Week Reset works by:

  1. Detoxing; Kick off the six weeks with a great detox. This is excellent for eliminating toxins and inflammation from your system. 
  2. Everyday diet; We look at what foods we should focus on and what foods we should limit. We supply you with Suggested Meal Plans and recipes to set you up for success. 
  3. Stress management; Rest, meditation, and breath-work. Stress management is KEY to weight loss. When we are stressed, we pump out hormones that interrupt our body’s ability to process our food and our fat. How you manage your stress is JUST as important as what you eat. In this program, we give you implementable daily tools to manage stress to help you reach your goal.
  4. Rest; Rest is underrated. The diet industry tells us that we have to keep moving and working out to lose weight. What if we told you that the opposite is true. Prioritizing rest will help you lose weight and feel fantastic. HIIT, aggressive forms of cardio, running, and biking are all great in moderation. And we will teach you when those forms of exercise can serve you. But odds are, you may be doing them too much, which adds stress and adds weight. 
  5. Sleep; Sleep is usually one of the biggest things we sacrifice when life gets busy. But this has to be non-negotiable. We give you a sleep routine and tools to help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

When all factors are implemented, you will start to notice how much more energy you have, how much lighter you feel, and how it’s not just about losing weight but it’s about doing a lifestyle reset to achieve a healthier version of you!

Imagine no longer counting calories, worrying about portions, or agonizing about what workout you will do today. Imagine feeling energized every morning, and feeling free because you are achieving your health goals from a whole person approach.

If this is what you imagine and strive for, this RESET  is for you!

If you are interested in signing up for our program, please send an email to contact@drerikahorowitz.com, and we will get you started today!

Be well, 

Dr. Horowitz and Staff! 


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