Test, Don’t Guess – All About Women’s Hormones Part 1

Jun 09, 2022
Test, Don’t Guess – All About Women’s Hormones Part 1
Test, Don’t Guess – All About Women’s Hormones Part 1 Hormones are tricky, and they can mimic symptoms of many different disorders when they are off.

Test, Don’t Guess – All About Women’s Hormones Part 1

Hormones are tricky, and they can mimic symptoms of many different disorders when they are off. Because of this, we have created a series specifically about hormones. We will carefully guide you through what hormones are, what they do, how to know when you are out of balance, and what steps you can take to find your balance again.

Hormones Are Like a Symphony

When our hormones are off, we are off. It is very easy to believe that we have a diagnosis other than our hormones. Hormones regulate everything, our mood, appetite, how anxious or depressed we feel, how we think and view the world, and so much more. When they are all working together, they sound like a beautiful symphony. The violins are in tune and working together perfectly, the clarinets are pitch-perfect, the piano is at the perfect decibel level to not overtake any of the other instruments and so on. However, if the violins are off, the entire symphony sounds off. Even if the clarinets and piano are perfectly in sync and at the right decibel level, they too will sound off and throw the entire song off.

Our hormones are no different. They work as a system and WITH one another. When they are all working together in sync, with the same sheet music and in harmony with one another, we feel fantastic. We feel vibrant, happy, calm, bright, and friendly. Our hair, skin, and nails are strong, our skin is radiant, our digestion could never be better, and our energy is better than ever. However, when our hormones are off, we can have a laundry list of symptoms.

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalances?:

– Weight gain

– Acne

– Sleep issues

– Thyroid problems

– Fibroids

– PMS symptoms

– Infertility issues

– Fatigue

– Low energy

– Hormonal migraines

– Menstrual cramps

– Anxiety and depression or both

– Monthly breast tenderness or lumps

– Miscarriages

– Endometriosis

– PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome)

– Sugar/carb cravings

– Hair loss

– Hair growth in unwanted areas

– Irregular periods

– Low/no sex drive

– Postpartum depression

– Menstrual problems

And, the list goes on and on.

The Hormone Conundrum

When we struggle through these symptoms, it is not uncommon to attribute them to a whole other disorder. When people feel anxious or depressed, they usually think they need to get on an antidepressant. Or when people believe that they have no willpower because they cannot stop binging on cookies at night, they get into that self-loathing cycle of thinking. They may even think they need a calorie-restrictive diet paired with over-exercising to lose weight. We have all been there, drawing blanks and coming to conclusions that had nothing to do with our hormones.

But, There is Hope

What if we told you that there is a way to test and treat the laundry list of symptoms happening to you?

At Dr. Horowitz, we specialize in hormonal testing and treatment. We create a treatment plan tailored to your test results, lifestyle, and specific needs. With decades of experience in balancing hormones, Dr. Horowitz takes a whole person, holistic approach to restoring your internal balance.

Schedule a Hormone Test Today!

If you are interested in balancing your hormones email us at contact@drerikahorowitz.com. We would love to schedule your visit as soon as possible.

Our next blog will discuss the factors you can control in balancing your hormones right in your very home.

Resources used:

Hormone Intelligence by Dr. Aviva Romm

Stay tuned for our next blog: “How to Take Control of Your Hormonal Destiny – All About Women’s Hormones Pt. 2.”

Be well,

Dr. Horowitz & Staff