The FPF (Fiber/Protein/Fat) Method

Mar 10, 2023
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Sometimes the issue lies less in how you're eating, but what and WHEN you're eating it... Let's explore this concept together!

Spikes in blood sugar can cause many detrimental symptoms and long-term
effects on the human body; including imbalanced hormones.

Learning HOW to eat, and not just WHAT to eat; is paramount to understanding
this phenomenon, and to prevent spikes in the future.

In her book, The Glucose Revolution, Jessie Inchauspe details what she calls
The FPF Method; which stands for Fiber, Protein, Fat.

Following this method dictates that with every meal you:
*Have a fibrous vegetable first, for their digestive properties and enzymes
*Follow the fiber with a protein; recommended from an animal source
*..and finally, a healthy fat (olive oil, avocado, lean animal protein, etc.

Following this method helps you feel fuller for longer, nips cravings in the bud,
and assists with the production of healthy, balanced hormones. 

If you have questions about the FPF method, how to naturally
reduce your blood sugar, balance your hormones or get hormone testing; book your free consultation today by reaching out to us at contact@drerikahorowitz.com.

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Be well!