The Health Benefits of Cranberries

Jan 05, 2023
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Cranberries are so much more than a tart, seasonal treat! Let's explore their health benefits, together.

Cranberries are so much more than a tart treat. 


They are considered to be a superfood because of their high nutrient and antioxidant content. 

This crunchy delicacy has been known to harbor many health benefits. Let’s explore a few of them, together.

Ingesting Cranberries: 


  1. Lowers the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI) by utilizing an active ingredient called A-type proanthocyanidins that fights bacteria.
  2. Decrease blood pressure by releasing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties; in turn, having a cardioprotective effect. 
  3. Prevent certain types of cancer.  Triterpenoid esters (a class of natural products often found in plant life)  isolated from cranberry inhibit the growth of breast, cervical, and prostate cancer cell lines. 
  4. Improve immune function by being rich in Vitamin A; which helps fight against oxidative stress from free radicals (or, unstable molecules that collect and cause damage over time)  and helps kill harmful bacteria.

Ways to Ingest Cranberry for Total Health:


  1. Drink cranberry juice. (Beware of added sugars and concentrates. Drinking organic cranberry juice is advised for optimal health benefits.) 
  2. Eat the berry.
  3. Take cranberry pills. Dosages of up to 1,500 mg per day are safe for most, and the pills can be found at most drug stores, pharmacies, and grocers with pharmaceutical departments. 
  4. Drink cranberry tea. 

Did you know cranberries were so jam-packed?


How will you incorporate them into your new year?


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Be well!


Dr. Horowitz and Team