Three Daily Practices for a Healthy November

Nov 04, 2022
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Three daily practices for a healthy November

Three Daily Practices for a Healthy November

November is here! 


Fall into the best version of yourself with these three daily practices for a healthy, new month.


  1. Practice daily gratitude: List 3-5 things you're grateful for every day. Starting your day with a gratitude list will help you press refresh and refocus on the positive occurrences and people in your life. Gratitude lists are also helpful to refer back to year 'round when life gets a little rocky.


  1. Commit to walking for a minimum of 30 minutes at least 3x's per week. Get your blood pumping! Movement is essential for so many core functionalities of the mind, body, and emotional well-being. Walking is a known stress reliever, it also allows you a few moments of solitude to gather your thoughts and channel your energy so you can confidently and productively carry on with the rest of your day. Your body and mind will thank you! 


  1. Do a time audit: Schedule all of your major appointments, meetings, and periods of productivity for work, school, etc. in advance, and pay attention to what absorbs the rest of your free time. Do you stimulate your mind enough? How many hours of sleep do you get on average? How many hours of television do you watch? 


Being honest about all of these things can help you manage your time, and therefore your mind and body, extremely well. 


Happy November, everyone.


Be well!


Dr. Horowitz and Team