Three Ways our DNA and Hormones Are Connected

Feb 19, 2023
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When it comes to the human body, everything in interconnected. Our DNA and hormone functionality are no exception.

The inner workings of our bodies are truly a marvel.

Everything is interconnected.

Giving our bodies exactly what they need naturally, not only gives us optimal health but allows more sustainable solutions to issues and can change the way we think about any imbalances and the ways we approach treatment to create balance.

This is true, down to our very DNA. 

Here are three ways our DNA and our hormones are connected in functionality: 


  1. Hormones work inside cells to bind proteins to DNA. 


  1. DNA is strengthened by said proteins.


  1. Hormones have been found to potentially activate genes.


Do you have more questions about the connection between your DNA and how your hormones operate? 


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